Master in Automation of Production and Services


The mission of the postgraduate program "Automation of Production and Services", is the promotion of the scientific knowledge and technology in the wider objective field of the program, the promotion of research and the development of innovating methods for processes and products. All the above improve the production of possessions and services, taking under consideration the country needs under the perspective of nowadays understanding of sustainable growth. In addition the postgraduate program "Automation of Production and Services" is the preparation of scientists able to contribute in research, growth, production, transferring and implementing expertise and skills that the modern society of knowledge has in the field of new technologies. In specific, the goal of the program is the training of post-graduates in the development of modern automation, communication and computer science, the design and development of effective information management systems, the training in analyzing and prototyping systems, the total quality management, the contribution of products and service providing via e-commerce using new technologies. Finally the post-graduate will gain abilities in research methods and will be able to document, present and contribute the results of the research process. 



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