Seismic and Energy Retrofit in Structure and Sustainable Development


This MSc program provides emphasis to the education of students attaining knowledge on Static analysis of new and existing structures, as well as on strengthening and repairing of structures made of various materials using KANEPE. The students will be able also to do an Energy design in buildings with as much as lower energy consumption using materials being friendly to the environment. Another aim of MSc is to be covered the need to face, in Civil Engineering branch, the estimation of Seismic risk and losses (economical, human, and environmental).

Learning Outcomes

The students attending the MSc program will be able to:

- Program by VBA code and Excel package

- Model and analyze Civil Engineering structures by computer.                    

- Design buildings with low energy consumption

- Design concrete and steel structures by Eurocodes..

-  Apply technical-economical solution in project management at cite using friendly materials to the environment with as much as long life cycle.

- Refurbish buildings with constituent materials used on views and resulting to energy saving.          

- Apply seismic regulations in concrete and steel structures

-Apply seismic evaluation of structures and then rehabilitation

- Choose and apply appropriate technique and materials for retrofit of structures

- Evaluate the seismic risk and losses (economical, human and environmental)  due to an earthquake damage of constructions.



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