Course Details


Its purpose is to provide advanced training in new technologies, relating to computing and information systems and their industrial applications, and to familiarize students with research in these areas. In particular the objectives of the Master's program are summarized as follows:

•To provide students with general and specific knowledge in the analysis, design and development of advanced computer systems.

•Students to acquire specialized knowledge in a wide range of new computing technologies and their use in industrial applications.

•To provide students with the ability to monitor and understand the technological challenges.

•To prepare students for professional careers in the fields of new technologies related to computer systems and their applications.

•To develop the research culture.

•Students to combine and develop specialized knowledge in new technologies for their participation in a research team.

•To prepare students for professional careers in the fields of new technologies related to computer systems and applications.

Learning Outcomes

The graduate of the Master's course, after the completion of his studies, may:

•Have detailed and specialized knowledge in advanced computer systems and their applications.

•To design and develop web applications, from developing a simple website up to build an online store.

•To distinguish the technologies for network security and create software to provide or improve security applications.

•To identify and evaluate broadband technologies.

•To identify and evaluate industrial applications, network technologies, to develop software for control and to propose solutions to such applications.

•To identify the technology of mobile Android devices and produce software for application programs either for the devices or for communication with peripheral devices.

•To recognize functioning of mechatronic systems and design the hardware and software of embedded systems.

•To design and develop software for circuits of very large scale of integration.

• Have the ability to combine general and specialized knowledge to address complex professional challenges.

•Have the oral and written communication ability for preparation and submission of technical studies, scientific articles.

•Be able to analyze, design and develop applications alone or as member of a scientific team.

•Have sufficient background for participation in research projects.



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