Health and Social Welfare Management Objectives & Outcomes

General Objectives

 The objective of the postgraduate program is the teaching and research in cutting-edge issues in Healthcare Management and Social Protection in accordance with the national legislative framework of Greece and Cyprus, as well as the requirements of the World Health Organization and the European Union on a European and national level.

By using the term Health Units and Social Protection mean all organizations (public and private) which provide health services at all levels (hospitals, health centers, clinics, diagnostic centers, ...) and social protection civil organizations which support vulnerable social groups (insurance organizations, , Mental Health Centers, ...)

The objective of the Master program is to focus on the major problems of Health and Social Welfare, the role of the International Organisations, and the role and responsibilities of officers and employees in the Public Health and Social Welfare.

The course is organized around topics such as: The concept of public health, prevention of diseases and epidemics, describe the public health structures and the role of international organizations (World Health Organization, European Union, Council of Europe etc), the management and marketing of health services, statistics, total quality management, inventory management, the use of Information Systems, the research methodology and thesis which is a model for a doctoral thesis.


Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, student should be able to:

  • Analyse the factors that determine in the diseases, and explain how these, impacts in Public Health.
  • Resolve Administration Health Organization subjects and Social Welfare.
  • Analyse and use procedures for the promotion of Public Health and Social Welfare.
  • Prepare, comment and present data that they have designed and collected.
  • Approach with professionalism rules and values that govern the Public Health and Social Welfare.
  • Describe the theories and models associated with the Management of Health and Social Welfare Organizations.
  • Identify all the identity of the strain exercised command in a Health and Welfare Organization.
  • Describe the main scientific principles which contribute to a modern approach of Public Health and Social Welfare.
  • Explain the factors that determine the diseases and how these impact in Public Health.
  • Solve problems, explain and develop information and data with a critical approach.
  • Analyse the current approaches on the Leadership Division.
  • Describe the management theories and approach in modern leadership and management concept.




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