MBA with DIVISIONS (Marketing and Communication, e - business, logistics and transportation, Executive)


•To prepare graduates with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in order to undertake key positions in firms and organizations.

•To Provide the graduates  the theoretical knowledge and the required expertise in order  be able to work effectively in a dynamic business environment (internal and external).

•To develop the analytical skills of graduates to solve business problems and make decisions.

• To acquire the required  knowledge and expertise to fill middle and   high level  positions (key role) in firms and organizations.

•To comprehend the  dynamics  of  business environment and to attain the strategic goals of firms and organisations.

Learning Outcomes

MBA graduates are expected after the completion of their studies to be able to:  hold  positions of responsibility in businesses and organizations or to raise up  the hierarchy ladder.  advance into positions with greater responsibility. The MBA includes  4 directions: 

Upon completion of the MBA program with 4 division ((a) Marketing and Communication, b) e-business, c) Supply Chain Management and Transportations and d) Executive and Decision Making)  graduates will be able to:

•Know in depth the operations  and organization structure of firms and organizations

•Design and implement innovative business solutions  and practices.

•design and implement research projects  in all  areas related to the four divisions of the MBA program.

•Use and exploit the  information and communication technology for the handling  and processing of information in order to support the business operations and decision-making in a dynamic and changing environment. 

•Critically assess the complexity of business problems  and propose solutions and actions for their solution.




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