Department of Automation Engineering

Program Objectives

The main target of the studies program is the training of graduates of high quality level that will consist the linkage between knowledge and practice, use and upgrade the modern technology, as well as implement practical solution in the production domain. Their area of expertise is the Automation Control Systems theory and applications, Robotics and CNC tool machines design and implementations and in addition, industrial based data communication and acquisition systems and sensor networks. In order to achieve that, during the Department studies all students combine theoretical background knowledge with practical implementations and within scientific research in the Automation Systems field, students develop an overall sense of their scientific orientation


Undergraduate Curriculum: Program Learning Outcomes

Upon the completion of studies the graduate will afford the appropriate scientific and technical knowledge as well as their practical implementations in automation systems for industrial and agriculture production processes, robotic applications and automated services. In specific the graduate will be able to:

  • Identify the operation principles of Automation Control Systems and applications in practical systems of every type of technology as: Electrical, electronic, hydraulics, pneumatics, mechanical, chemical, biological etc.
  • Identify the structure and operations of above multiple systems highlighting the automation control specializing in robotic systems, CNC tool machines, industrial networks for data acquisition, fuzzy logic control etc. In addition the graduate will be able to deeply understand the computing science and industrial programming.
  • Present skills in the scientific applications and technological methods for analysis, design, development, manipulation and maintenance of electrical, mechanical and electronics automation control systems
  • Undertake evaluations and design implementations of automation control in working sites, agriculture industries, install industrial networks of data acquisition aiming in the automation control of industrial production of any kind as well as make office automation installments based on computer networks and computer programming.
  • Program, tune, maintain and adopt computers, microcontrollers, programmable logical controllers (PLC) and implement automation control algorithms.
  • Perform quality control procedures, certify the quality and adequacy in automation control applications as well as provide evaluations assessments and expertise summaries in the above mentioned automation systems infrastructures.


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