Department of Civil Engineering

Program Objectives

Undergraduate program emphasizes on the education of students attaining a knowledge background, which is necessary to acquire skills for solving various problems in continuously changing field of scientific and technological development of Civil Engineering. Undergraduate courses in Civil Engineering Department of P.U.A.S. cover the field of Structural design of structures by Static or Dynamic analysis using various Seismic regulations and Eurocodes. In addition, Architectural perception of structures in conjunction with their Bioclimatic and Energy upgrading is involved in knowledge provided.


Undergraduate Curriculum: Program Learning Outcomes

Students are able to:

- Formulate basic mathematical and physical knowledge used in Mechanics,  Strength of Materials, Statics and Materials science. 

- Determine mechanical properties of materials used in Civil Engineering structures.   

- Analyze and statically design various shapes of structures by Static or Dynamic Elastic or Inelastic method.

- Apply various Seismic regulations and Codes for structures analysis.   

- Solve long-span structures made of Pre-stressed concrete, as well as Steel and Composite structures.        

- Distinguish the Architectural shape of structures and propose their incorporation in environment with Energy saving.   

- Solve surveying paths and measure cites using GIS data.  

- Apply the most appropriate technical-economical solution in projects resulting in optimum cost and construction time of project.


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