Department of Mechanical Engineering

Program Objectives

The mission of the Mechanical Engineering Department with its very high quality educational and research activities is to transfer specialized scientific and technological knowledge to its students as well as to encourage the application of this knowledge. The Department focuses in traditional as well as in modern Mechanical Engineering fields with its continuous presence in scientific and research activities and cooperation with Greek and European universities and research centers. 

The Department aims to equip its students with the necessary qualifications and to develop their way of thinking and working in such a way that they have the best prospects for a successful career or advancement of their studies in the intensive economic environment of today. Studies in the Mechanical Engineering Department last for 8 semesters. The Curriculum includes the general knowledge modules of the first semesters as well as specialization modules. During the last semester the students need to carry out their practical exercise in an industry as well as their thesis, in order to complete their studies and graduate.

Undergraduate Curriculum: Program Learning Outcomes

Knowledge: the knowledge and experiences of the Mechanical Engineering Department graduates provide the opportunity to work in a very wide spectrum of industrial as well as other business environment, in traditional and modern fields of Mechanical Engineering. The Department’s graduates cover a very wide spectrum of knowledge and experience related to engineering and construction, development, design and operation of products, energy, environment, control systems, software, any type of equipment and machinery.

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